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Yes4All Soft Weighted Toning Ball/Medicine Sand Ball - Great for Exercise, Workout - Soft Weighted Ball (2 lbs, Blue) - Total weight: 4 lbs (Pair)

Yes4All Soft Weighted Toning Ball/Medicine Sand Ball - Great for Exercise, Workout - Soft Weighted Ball (2 lbs, Blue) - Total weight: 4 lbs (Pair)

Availability: In stock

Availability: In stock

Price: $19.99

Quick Overview

Challenge your daily routines with Yes4All toning ball which helps you massage and tone the deep muscle systems in your body. Ideal for adults, people with arthritis or limited grasping ability, and those who are in toning, shaping and sport-specific programs.


Yes4All Soft Weighted Medicine Toning Ball


60 days satisfaction warranty

6 months workmanship warranty


  • BUILD STRENGTH AND COORDINATION AT ONCE: While holding a heavy ball help build up your arm strength, your effort to keep it from rolling down will increase your coordination. Yes4All toning ball can be incorporated with balance, flexibility and strength workouts
  • ERGONOMIC AND NON-BURST CONSTRUCTION: Made of PVC and filled with natural sand, this toning ball offers a tough, durable and controllable support with your exercises
  • NEW WAY TO WORK YOUR MUSCLES: Besides being a fun replacement for kettlebells or dumbbells, toning ball allows you to bounce and throw, which help activate different muscle groups
  • 4 COLOR-CODED WEIGHTS AVAILABLE: 2lbs (blue - R60 mm), 4lbs (green - R70 mm), 6lbs (red R80 mm), 8lbs (purple - R90 mm); sold separately
  • 6-MONTH WARR & 60-DAY RETURN: Surely you will be satisfied with this high-quality product. But if you think it’s not for you, contact us for full repayment within 60 days of purchase


Don’t leave you gym time get boring with same-old same-old exercises everyday. Let Yes4All toning ball roll into you training routine with a new fresh air and change your workout life forever!


Toning ball is a weight trainning tool, but unlike kettlebell or dumbbell, you use a different grip to hold the round-shape ball, which help work various groups of muscles. With toning ball, you can throw and bounce it, your workout will become more fun and enjoyable. 


Although it’s mostly used in strength training exercises, toning ball actually helps a lot in developing your sense of balance and coordination. Whether in Pilates, yoga, rehabilitation or strength training, this ball will give you a significant support to work your core, arms and shoulders.


Our toning ball is made of high quality material, it’s tough and durable enough to support your bodyweight for a long-lasting time. The natural sand fill provides traction and desired firmness to vary your workout purposes. With the soft and burst-resistant surface, you will be able to keep the ball stable in your hands or on your body comfortably.


  • Store in cool places and stay away from direct sunlight.
  • Do not place anything on the top of the toning ball because it may deflate its shape.
  • Can clean the ball with wet cloth and mild soap to remove persistent dirt.

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Yes4All Soft Weighted Medicine Toning Ball

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