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Yes4All Cotton Yoga Strap with D Ring for Stretching, Flexibility & Physical Therapy - Exercise Yoga Belt Strap with Buckle (Purple, 8 feet, Single)

Yes4All Cotton Yoga Strap with D Ring for Stretching, Flexibility & Physical Therapy - Exercise Yoga Belt Strap with Buckle (Purple, 8 feet, Single)

Availability: Out of stock

Availability: Out of stock

Price: $5.99

Quick Overview

How to use Yoga Strap: Bring the two D-ring together, thread through 2 D rings together, and then you loop through the top one 


Yes4All Yoga Strap with D-ring


60 days satisfaction warranty

1 year workmanship warranty


  • 100% HIGH-QUALITY AND SUPER SOFT COTTON: Provides high comfort for the hands, feet, and skin as compared to other straps. It’s super durable for making difficult poses accessible and great for a sturdy grip to assist yourself in stretch and extension
  • ANTI-SLIP AND EASY-TO-ADJUST D-RINGS: Made of sturdy zinc material that is highly durable and built to fit most intense workouts. They’re longer than any classic yoga strap in same class, allowing you to adjust the length of strap or securely lock it in place
  • 8 FEET, IDEAL LENGTH FOR MOST YOGIS: Most popular length for a yoga strap, enabling yogis to hold an outstretched leg and enhance yoga poses
  • IDEAL FOR DYNAMIC STRETCHING AND YOGA POSES: Helps yogis to go deeper into yoga poses at higher level. Best for body stretching, pilates, warm-up and physical therapy
  • 1 YEAR WARRANTY – 60 DAY RETURN – PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW: Make Yes4All Set of 2 – 8Ft Yoga Strap as your loyal friend for every workout. Add it to the cart now, or if you don’t like it, contact us and have money back within 60 days of purchase


Forget the nylon straps which cause rashes and abrasion on the skin, Yes4All Yoga Strap with D-Ring is made of 100% high-quality cotton that forms a durable yet super soft surface when in use. After strapping through the D-rings to create a loop, you can put hands or feet in fast and easily for flexibility and wider range of motion. 


Yes4All is proud to offer you one of the finest quality cotton straps here – It’s woven tightly to create a highly-textured yet super soft surface. Get those muscles stretched without elastic break through the most difficult poses. Not only that, the strap gives you a sturdy grip to go deeper into stretch and extension. 


Yoga strap arrives with the sturdy metal D-Ring Buckles, which are easy to adjust for connecting you to the limbs in all stretching activities. They’re lightweight and durable enough to perfect your every alignment and withstand the most vigorous workouts. If you want something to hold without cutting off circulation, these straps are for you. 


This length nearly meets all needs – an ideal one for a yoga strap, allowing most users to hold an outstretched leg, to enhance yoga postures and to extend the reach through stretching and extension. Depending on how you plan to use the strap, choose the appropriate length for maximum support and effective. 


Not just offering a good blend of comfort and flexibility to meet your stretching needs, Yes4All Yoga Strap with D-Rings is also designed in premium quality for fitness and physical therapy use. Use it to maximize the results from your own exercise program no matter if it’s stretching, yoga, or total-body circuit workouts. Take it for fitness on the go. 

Stop settling for a boring exercise strap that is made of nylon and too short to perform full stretches. If you want to master difficult yoga poses at home, in the office, at the gym, or on the go, Click “Add to Card” now for this Yes4All Set of 2 – 8Ft Yoga Strap With D-Ring Set. 

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