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Stability Disc With Air Pump

Stability Disc With Air Pump


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Quick Overview

It's IDENTICAL to any top brand balance / stability discs out there by design, weight, & material. Don't be fooled by a competitor review but believe in what you see & our store's feedback


Yes4All Stability Disc With Air Pump


60 days satisfaction warranty

1 year workmanship warranty


  • Size: 13" & 14 “diameter; Color: Black, Purple, Blue. Shipping weight: 3 lbs.
  • Textured surface as shown to massage foot surface and improve grip.
  • Pre-inflated to a level suitable for most uses (air pump included).
  • Use for standing, kneeling, sitting and push ups to develop balance and stabilization.


Back Pain Reliever & Effective Massage Therapy:

  • Find your ergonomic seating and eliminate the hurt-like-hell back pain with Yes4All Stability Disc.
  • Great to support the spine, keep the right posture all day long sitting at the office.
  • Strengthen core and ab muscles and relieve back pain, shoulder aches effectively.
  • Great for foot massage, used as mini-stepper for exercises.

Balance, Coordination and Flexibility Training:

Textured, slip-resistant surface provides grip and massaging comfort. The balance cushion provides an unstable surface for you to practice on. You will soon lean how to react quickly, utilize more muscles to remain balance, and thus get a complete workout.

Daily Exercise Routine Challenge

The Balance disc can be incorporated into daily exercises like push-ups, sit-ups, lunges, planks and many more to increase the challenge and difficulty of these exercises.

Bonus Gift:

Free air pump included as a bonus gift only. (Seller does not take any responsibility if the air pump is missed, lost or broken)

Inflation and Deflation Instructions:

Find the hole on the 2nd outer ring-- Insert the needle of the pump into that tiny hole for inflation.
For deflation, insert only the needle without the barrel of the pump into the hole.


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