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Anti Burst Stability Ball with Foot Pump

Yes4All Yoga Exercise Ball with Pump (Foot) – Multi Colors & Sizes (55cm/65cm/75cm) – Anti Burst & Extra Thick – Support 2000 lbs


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Quick Overview

Fitness Ball exercises are very effective at targeting those core muscles that are essential for stability and good posture but are often overlooked when exercising with fixed position gym equipment


Yes4All Anti Burst Stability Ball with Foot Pump



  • MULTI-PURPOSE HOME GYM EQUIPMENT: Offers great stability and rigidity for most of stretching and toning workouts. In term of a good posture, use it for targeting the abs, back, and pelvis muscles through most technical moves
  • PERFECT FOR ALL FITNESS LEVELS: Your yoga ball can be used as a part of your home or advanced use with ease; more importantly, it fits beginners, intermediate users and professional athletes. 
  • TONE YOUR ABS AND SCULPT YOUR CORE: Doing a crunch on such an unstable surface of the stability ball will sculpt your way to a stronger core and tone your abs fast.
  • COMES WITH 4.5 INCH PUMP: Fill up or re-inflate the ball easily as necessary, and help to keep the workout routine going as expected
  • 1 YEAR WARR – 60 DAY RETURN – PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW: Make Yes4All 2000-lbs as your loyal friend for every workout. Add it to cart now, or if you don’t like it, contact us and have money back within 60 days of purchase



Built from high-quality anti-burst vinyl material, Yes4All Stability Ball is able to withstand the strongest workouts - guaranteed not to explode suddenly when touching any sharp object. It’s a must-have if you want the maximum safety when in use. Besides that, the ball’s vinyl shell is thicker this time, to endure heavier weight, offering you a chance to reach the highest goals as expected.



Your yoga ball can be used as a part of your home or advanced use with ease; more importantly, it fits beginners, intermediate users and professional athletes.



The ball is intended for cardio, yoga, balance and stability use through the bouncing and stretching activities. It ideally fits the office, home, and gym workouts through a wide variety of motions, such as sit-ups, push-ups, and other technical moves. You can also replace your weight bench with the ball for some pec-flies and skull crushers. By lying on it, the ball works your arms and stabilize your core with abs, glutes and legs.



It’s necessary to buy the correct size ball for the height – Yes4All stability ball arrives at multiple sizes for you to choose (55, 65, or 75cm). The size can make all difference – if sizing properly, the ball can make a dynamic chair when sitting on and exercising. Try to test out the ball size and decide which one works best for you.



The yoga/stability ball comes with a handy pump to help you re-inflate as necessary. It avoids your ball from deflating when suddenly being rolled over a thumbtack. However, do not try to over-inflate it, which will raise the pressure on its surface, which might result in the ball exploding.


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customer reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars


Top Customer Reviews

As expected.
By Mer S May 11, 2017
No surprises with this ball, it is as expected and described. It has that shiny surface (more like a freshly inflated balloon) rather than the matte surface of some other exercise balls. I prefer the matte surface because there's less friction with the surface, but I guess this is easier to wipe clean. I've had it for the better part of a year with frequent use, and have only had to add more air once. An overall solid purchase.
Works great as a desk chair.
By el rey May 11, 2017
I use this ball for my "chair" at work and love it! I have been using it for about 8 months now. It is still inflated and working great! I don't have an office per-se and work in various workspaces where I am needed, so far it has fit all of the desks (including my home office desk- which are elfa's with glass on top).

Like all exercise balls you have to pump it far more and longer than you think to get it fully filled- it will seem tiny at first.

The reviews had a lot of complaints about the foot pump but i love it! of course it is cheap and can pull out- but it's way better than using a hand pump and I could multi task and slowly fill the ball up. I actually reuse the pump for my kids' beach balls.

Overall i would recommend this ball as a yoga ball or one for an office.
It's the perfect addition to my workout routine
By Debbie Martin May 11, 2017
It's the perfect addition to my workout routine. I ended up using an electric pump, which was really fast. I haven't had any issues with it losing air either.
starsGreat value, good quality, easy to use
By Kristin Carroll May 11, 2017
Great value for the price. I use this as my office chair (part of some back pain issues that i am trying to resolve). It has held up great so far (only have used this for about 3 weeks now)... but it has retained it's air nicely (I haven't had to fill it up yet) and the pump that comes with it works just fine (previous reviews I read indicated it was not that great - but I found it very easy to use!).
Works as an exercise ball, works as a replacement chair!
By Patrick May 11, 2017
I have been using this stability ball for about two weeks to compliment my normal office chair. To try and stay moving, I alternate between standing, sitting in the office chair, and sitting on this stability ball while working at my desk.

The ball itself seems to be a great value for the price. It seems to be durable enough and can hold a decent amount of weight/pressure.

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