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ADD MORE TO YOUR DAILY WORKOUT: Having a toning ball as a companion for your training either in Yoga, Pilates, Rehabilitation or fitness training would give you even more benefit and effectiveness. This excellent tool with shifting sand inside offers support to work your core, arms and shoulders. Hence, your overall balance, coordination, flexibility and strength will be improved significantly.

MORE CHOICES FOR FULL UTILITY: The weighted exercise balls are available in a wide range of option. From 2 to 10lbs with different diameter and numerous styles, you can opt for the one that suits you the most. These fun and enjoyable training ball can be incorporated into workouts that need a weight boost. They are designed with charming colors to add flavour to your physical training sessions and boost your efficiency to the highest.

  • BUILD STRENGTH AND COORDINATION AT ONCE: While holding a heavy ball help build up your arm strength, your effort to keep it from rolling down will increase your coordination

  • ERGONOMIC AND NON-BURST CONSTRUCTION: Made of PVC and filled with iron sand, this toning ball offers a tough, durable and controllable support with your exercises

  • NEW WAY TO WORK YOUR MUSCLES: Besides being a fun replacement for kettlebells or dumbbells, toning ball allows you to bounce and throw, which help activate different muscle groups

  • 4 COLOR-CODED WEIGHTS AVAILABLE: 2lbs (blue - R60 mm), 4lbs (green - R70 mm), 6lbs (red R80 mm), 8lbs (purple - R90 mm); sold separately

  • 6-MONTH WARR And 60-DAY RETURN: Our high-quality product comes with 1-year war and 60-day return to give you the best satisfactory for every purchase

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