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WHY SHOULD ADD ROPE CLIMBING INTO YOUR WOD? Climbing ropes are a must-have item for upper body strength training. They are essential for conditioning for boot camp, obstacle course races, CrossFit, wrestling, gymnastics, and more. To execute a strong rope climb, your body must be functioning effectively. Through a rope climb, you can train a large number of muscle groups and allow them to communicate with one another. Rope climbing is a great way to develop grip strength, burn fat, improve endurance, and increase aerobic activities.

HIGH-QUALITY GYM CLIMBING ROPE: Yes4All Climbing Ropes offer three different length options 10ft, 15ft, and 20ft with 1.5-inch diameter, which allows users to adjust their exercise intensity by altering rope length – ideal for both professional and amateur sports lovers. The braided hemp rope is extremely durable to last for many climbs without fraying. The material is easy on your hands, so you don't have to worry about ripping, burning, or tearing. Each rope features heat shrink end caps to prevent the rope from fraying over time. These ropes will endure years of usage to support your active lifestyle. Plus, the heavy-duty metal eyehook at the top of the rope is easy to use. You can attach it on any fixed point to do climbing exercise and strength training. These ropes arrive without any knots, so you can either keep them knotless for a challenging climb or customize knots for your workout.

PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: Length options: 10, 15, 20ft Diameter: 1.5 inch Material: Hemp rope + steel hook Max weight capacity: 500lbs.

WARRANTY: 30-day return and 1-year warranty (contact seller for more details).

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