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GREAT HANDBOARD FOR CLIMBING LOVERS: Climbing Fingerboard is one of the most time-efficient tools to help you build hand and finger strength, especially if you can’t train at a climbing gym. Spending 30-minute workouts per week can deliver excellent results! Yes4All Climbing Fingerboard provides the best-possible workout for training grip strength and also allows for intense arm and shoulder exercises, thus strengthening the upper body and hands to allow climbers to make more difficult climbs.

NON-SLIP, COMPACT & LIGHTWEIGHT CLIMBING FINGERBOARD: Unlike other plastic models, our Handboard is made of heavy-duty wood with perfect jugs, slopers, and pockets for maximized comfort and convenience during practice. Yes4All Wooden Climbing Board is well-known for its lightweight yet strong and elastic characteristics; therefore, you don’t have to worry about cracking or breaking during practice. Yes4All Wooden Hang Board comes with round corner edges & an anti-slip surface to provide a secure grip while training. The board’s texture isn’t harsh or rough on your skin to allow you to hold for longer durations.

MULTIPLE GRIP POSITIONS: The Climbing Fingerboard comes with a variety of different jugs, slopers, and finger holds, including 4 sets of 4 finger pocket, 3 sets of 3 finger pocket, 2 sets of 2 finger pocket – giving you the chance to conduct full-scale workouts.

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