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Barbell Squat Rack




Let’s get ready for some powerful, efficient total body training sessions with our very own Yes4All Barbell Squat Rack!

Featuring all the utilities and versatility required, the squat rack will help you improve your upper and lower body strength in no time!

  • Made of heavy duty construction, the barbell squat rack is durable and capable of supporting up to 550lbs of weight.
  • Features brackets with PVC covers for convenient, efficient barbell training. Includes rubber handles for dips, pull-ups and more, plus an 8” long peg on each stand to store weight plates whenever not in us.
  • Additionally, the rack also has a safety locking system for adjustable bracket height and width, suitable for people of all levels.
  • To increase safety during practices, the squat rack has anti-slip pads to keep it firm and sturdy, making sure that it can withstand even the most rigorous training sessions with ease.

WARRANTY: 1-year WARR and 30-day return (contact sellers for more information)

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