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Entire body workout with numerous training options. Water is unpredictable, so keeping an aqua bag balanced is not an easy task, but hard work comes great rewards.

With this unconventional fitness weight bag, your full body including every core and muscle does workout to the fullest through collaboration and stabilization. Having the “living” weight, which always sloshes and moves, adds extra challenges in a fun way to your daily practice. There is a wide range of activities that you can do for your training such as deadlift, squats, throws, curls, lunges, carries, cardio exercises, you name it.

When using an aqua bag, you can feel it heavier than the actual weight because of the water shifting inside, which requires more strength and balance. You will see the change in your body when it gets familiar to the unsteadiness through reaction and adaptation.

A portable product keeping you on the go. When empty, the product is very light and foldable, so you can just put it into your gym bag and go, no more worrying about making your stuff heavier or bulkier. Then, fill it up at the gym, camping site or just anywhere you feel practicing. An air pump is also included to assist you with filling up the bag after.

If you need a fitness accessory for training but don’t want to bring a giant item. Look no further, these aqua bulgarian bags are great alternatives to sandbags without the mess and can be filled quickly almost anywhere with water. Moreover, with water the bag becomes soft, which helps prevent and lessen unexpected injuries. 

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