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Massage Stick

Massage Stick


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Price: $12.99

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Quick Overview

  • Our massage stick allows you to pin point your problem areas and help release the pain. Hits spots better than a foam roller and can be used to provide daily myofascial release and trigger point therapy.

  • Flexible center rod is surrounded by independent roller wheels, targeting all over your hard-to-reach muscles and trigger knots.

  • Rubber Handles with dots provide non-slip grip and helps reduce hand fatique while rolling.

  • Dimensions: 17 inch L, Roller Diameter: 1.25 inch, Handle length: 4.7 inch

  • Its compact design is perfect for a gym, travel, or duffle bag.


Yes4All Massage Stick


60 days satisfaction warranty

Lifetime workmanship warranty


  • Tough durable steel core rod 
  • Anti-slip comfortable rubber handles 
  • Smooth rotation and no loud squeak while rolling. 
  • Hidden pushing knob inside the rod for you to take out the roller wheels and adjust the length of the stick for more massaging purposes, and keep the roller wheels in place always. 


All Designed by Yes4All 


Massage Stick are the perfect tools for self-massage, featuring five rollers that help you pinpoint specific muscles easily. 

What can this Massage Stick do?

• Ideal for warm up and cool down, for dynamic stretching to prevent strains and injuries 
• Massage gently on your sore & tight muscles, tired arms, shoulders and legs or painful back, IT bands, calves and thighs 
• Relieve all trigger points and knots. 
• Get rid of Lactic Acid out of your muscles 
• Increase Blood Circulation, Oxygen Flow and Nutrients to targeted muscles 
• Increase Mobility, Flexibility and Strength of Muscles 
• Boost up the Recovery Process 


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