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CXP Doorway Chin Up Bar

CXP Doorway Chin Up Bar

Availability: In stock

Availability: In stock

Price: $25.99

Quick Overview

Strenghthen your backs, biceps, arms, shoulders and other upper body muscles in the comfort of your own room with Yes4All workout bar.

Now you can develop and strengthen your backs, biceps, arms, shoulders and other upper body muscles in the comfort of your own room with Yes4All Chin-up Bar.

Buy it now and enjoy the pieace of mind!!!


Yes4All CXP Doorway Chin Up Bar


60 days satisfaction warranty

1 year workmanship warranty


  • 12-grip position, great for many difference, exercises & extreme home fitness programs
  • Highest steel-grade, PVC and rubber foam padding comfortable handgrips 
  • Fit doorways from 28" - 33" .Door thickness: 4.75" - 6.25" thick including door trim.
  • Door structure must be able to support up user weight & movements.
  • Thickest heavy-gauge steel (1.6 mm thick), 36” long bar .Support up to 250 lbs.


Chin-up Bar is a high-grade training tool with multiple grip positions to sculpt & trim your entire body. Ideal for chin-ups, tricep dips and pull-ups or you can move it to the floor, adhere to your doorway, and it works great for doing push-ups or sit-ups.

What’s Hot About the Yes4All Deluxe Chin Up Bar

The versatility of this fitness product is nice. You can purchase the chin up bar with assist, or the chin up bar only. Also, using for push-ups provides another versatile exercise solution that can add to your repetoire. And there are 2 options that fit doors from 24 inches to 37 inches in width. So all standard doorways are compatible.

Also, the metal used to construct this bar is the thickest and heaviest high-grade steel found among comparable models. That means it is durable and long-lasting. And the fact that there are 12 different grip positions means multiple exercises so you can get the most out of your chin-ups and pull-ups.

It should be pointed out that many of the pull-up bars sold as fitness products cannot effectively be used for chin ups. That is just another area where this inexpensively priced chin up bar makes a nice choice. Screws and brackets are provided so you can create a permanent body weight training device. But it can also be used without screws, making for attractive portability.

The 5-grip positions are great for extreme home fitness programs; use it for narrow, neutral, normal or wide grip pull ups and chin ups; working the inner and outer back. Then after your back workout, just quickly move the bar on the floor and you can perform your pushups, sit-ups or tricep dips (though don’t expect to get a great deal of range of movement in the dips).

While the Yes4All Deluxe bar promises great versatility when it comes to the combination of movements and routines you can do with it, it is still small enough to fit in under your bed or in the cupboard.  It’s very portable, and you can move it at any doorway whenever you like. Since this type of bar isn't fixed to the wall or ceiling, you can take it with you as you go.

Who is the Yes4All Deluxe Chin Up Bar Perfect For?

This chin up bar is priced right for those that want to install a permanent body weight training solution. But it can also be taken on the road, to the office or
anywhere else, since you do not need to screw it in for proper use. It is constructed of strong and durable material, and can benefit beginners, intermediate and
advanced body weight training programs while appealing to most every budget.

Overall the Yess4ll Deluxe Chin Up Bar would add alot of value to your home gym and really intensify your body weight workouts. 

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View FileDoor Mount Chin Up Bar for Door 28 - 32"    Size: (1 MB)

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Q : Can this be mounted to a wall permanently or is it only made for doorways?

Sara from Appleton asked on January 12, 2017

A : Dear Sara, Our CXP Doorway Chin Up Bar is only made for doorways. If you want a chin up bar which can be mounted to a wall permanently, please refer to the link below: If you have any further question, please do not hesitate to contact us. Best regards, Mia Yes4All Customer Service Team

Q : Is bracket installation of XSP always required?

Thomas F. from Austin, TX asked on November 01, 2016

A : The customer should drill holes into mark for wall anchors by 1/4 drill bit and place wall anchors into holes. Then mount & secure J brackets . Therefore, in this case, we highly recommend you follow the instruction ( use J bracket always) for your own safety. Best regards, Yes4All Customer Service Team

Q : How much space above the door trim is required for the J brackets and placement of Pc 5? I have a low bathroom ceiling v

Marty from Brunswick, GA asked on August 25, 2015

A : Hi Marty. For this item, the door trim width is about 1" - 3.5" and the distance between the ceiling and the door trim is 3" or more are required. Yes4All Customer Service Team

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