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Yes4All Combo Special: Cast Iron Kettlebell Weight Sets – Weight Available: 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 lbs

Yes4All Combo Special: Cast Iron Kettlebell Weight Sets – Weight Available: 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 lbs

Availability: Out of stock

Availability: Out of stock

Price: $127.99

Quick Overview

Yes4All cast iron bell has black paint and a custom fit design for extra protection. It also features textured, solid steel handles for a comfortable grip.


Yes4All Solid Cast Iron Kettlebell


60-day satisfaction warranty

5-year workmanship warranty


  • Textured wide handle for better grip
  • Painted to protect kettlebells from elements
  • Next business day shipment by priority mail
  • Material: solid cast iron. Weight: 30 lbs
  • Great option for getting a whole body workout in a short time


Solid Cast Iron Kettlebells are a unique and valuable fitness tool because they work your body, not just your muscles. If your goal is isolation training, try barbells and other free weights. Every single kettlebell exercise, done correctly, is a whole-body exercise that builds general athleticism instead of strengthening single muscle groups. Add a multitude of unique, effective exercises to your repertoire with just a single kettlebell.

Kettlebells of Yes4All are built to last, cast from solid iron ore and coated with corrosion-resistant enamel. No logos, no rubber accents, no nonsense, just quality. Each kettlebell also features a flat bottom to enable upright storage and floor-based drilled like renegade rows. The textured, wide handles are machined smooth for comfort and suit most hand sizes to ensure a secure grip, even in the middle of a sweaty workout.

Build up your strength, power and endurance with kettlebell exercises. Gain back your toned body in record time.
Product benefits:

  • Ease the lower back pain
  • Total body cardio workout, burn fat and effective toning
  • Works great for your stabilizing muscles - for active recovery
  • Build your strength, stability and power
  • Improve movement, agility and speed

Yes4All cast iron bell has black paint and a custom fit design for extra protection. It also features textured, solid steel handles for perfect grip. The handle measures 1.25 inches in diameter. For indoor or outdoor use.

Smooth Handle: Our kettlebell features smooth handle for non slip, safe and comfortable grip.

Flat Bottom: Our kettlebells have a machined flat bottom to make it easy to do renegade rows and other exercises requiring a kettlebell with a flat bottom.

Black Powder-Coated Finish: Our powder coating is durable and doesn't chip away like those other products with the shiny enamel finish! Black powder coating gives you better grip and won't slip in your hand like a glossy finish.

Product Highlights

Yes4All Combo 6 Solid Cast Iron Kettlebells

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customer reviews

4.9 out of 5 stars


Top Customer Reviews

Perfect. Will be ordering a heavier one soon
By James Carter, Dec 16, 2015
Perfect. Will be ordering a heavier one soon!
Yep they are 50lbs
By Yes4All Customer Dec 16, 2015
Good customer service from seller. Kettlebell is what you would expect for a 50lb kettlebell.
basic item, great price
By mvolkme24648 Dec 16, 2015
Its a connonball with a handle; kind of hard o mess up. The price was fantastic.
Quality product
By Dino Dec 16, 2015
Exactly as pictured. Delivered on time or ahead of schedule. Very pleased.
very good workout equipment to have at home
By spill Dec 16, 2015
solid construction. very good workout equipment to have at home. Helps build lower back muscles and keep your core in good shape....
these for some time now and have never felt better!
By Mary Mestre Dec 16, 2015
been working out with these for some time now and have never felt better!
Five Stars
By Greg Lembo Dec 16, 2015
It's heavy
great kettlebell
By joshua prince Dec 16, 2015
This will be passed down in my will.
well made, does the job
By Chris Bane Dec 16, 2015
Bought this for my office so I could do little workouts while waiting for things to run on the computer. I'm definitely feeling less lazy during my work day.
Happy with it although there is no Yes4All logo on ...
By runninggirl Dec 16, 2015
Arrived on time. Happy with it although there is no Yes4All logo on it like in the picture.
5.0 out of 5 starsYou know what you're buying.. fully functional, solid weight
By Donn Dec 16, 2015
I mean it's a one piece, solid kettle bell so you know what you're getting. Also be aware that if you buy this you, like me and the other reviewers, are a jerk that is making the delivery person carry it... which if your workouts go well becomes the delivery person carrying a 35lber in a month but great for working out.
Good product.
By Yes4All Customer Dec 16, 2015
It's a good kettlebell. Nothing special .... it does the job.
Great kettlebell
By Stephanie Dec 16, 2015
Quick and safe shipping. Exactly what I payed for. I would recommend!
Wide handle, smooth feel, compact design
By Kacee Dec 16, 2015
Awesome stuff. Wide handle, smooth feel, compact design. I keep this in my living room and do sets whenever the mood strikes. My hamstrings are getting buff!
Can't beat the price!
By Scott Dec 16, 2015
Got them today... They are awesome, will definitely be buying more in the very near future. Can not write enough good things about the shipping. I haven't found anyone who can beat their prices... Awesome
Good-quality kettlebells at a cheap price
By milton Roges Dec 16, 2015
I ordered the 20, 25, 30, 35, and 40 lb kettlebells. I only received four kettlebells, and two of them are the exact same weight! I got one 20-lb kettlebell, one 25-lb kettlebell, and two 35-lb kettlebells. I lacked the 30lb and 40lb kettlebells that I paid for. After speaking with customer service, they took full responsibility and sent me replacements within a few days.

The kettlebells that I did receive are solid iron as advertised. Try not to put them on surfaces easily stained, as one of the kettlebells left a black crease when I accidentally dragged it while trying to pick it up. Please not that, with the heavier kettlebells, use your legs and drive primarily with the hips (with a back that is not bent) to properly pick up the kettlebell. One of my acquaintances nearly hurt himself when he improperly picked up the 35lb kettlebell. As for functional use, they seem to get the job done. These are the first kettlebells I received, so I have no standard by which to judge them.
Nice wide handle
By Ryan P Dec 16, 2015
Felt bad for the mailman who had to bring it to our door, but otherwise very happy. Nice wide handle which tends to be an issue with other kettle bells I've looked at.
Interesting shape, but my husband doesn't mind
By Martine Dec 16, 2015
Interesting shape, but my husband doesn't mind. He loves picking up any heavy thing and putting it back down, so this was a win.
Nice wide handle
By Ryan P Dec 16, 2015
Felt bad for the mailman who had to bring it to our door, but otherwise very happy. Nice wide handle which tends to be an issue with other kettle bells I've looked at.
Don't buy if you have big hands ...
By Machulk Dec 16, 2015
Purchased the 65LBS kettelebell, (as someone else mentioned) I should have looked at the picture closer. Handle clearance is way too small (not ike normal kettlebells) took the skin off of the knucle of my middle finger when I attempted a clean. Be careful purchasing this item if you have large hands or large knuckles
good bell @ good price
By John A Kurtz Dec 16, 2015
nice solid kettlebell at a great price. Shipped fast, shipping condition was nice. A great deal.
Kettlebells are all the rage right now. Why? Do one workout and you'll know all you need in 20-30 minutes. You will get strength training and cardio all in one workout.
Best for the price
By Stratiotes Doxha Theon Dec 16, 2015
This is a great kettle bell deal. The simple black metal finish without the needless logos or rubber coating make it a great buy. The best price available for a perfectly simple kettle bell with a large handle for easy gripping.
Great buy, minus one important detail
By Hinton Dec 16, 2015
I've bought a few Kettlebells from this seller now, and they are really great. They are not the most refined kettlebell's out there, they have a rough texture, and are not machined or forged completely flat on the bottom, but who really cares. The idea of a refined kettlebell just seems odd to me, I don't want anything silky smooth or rubber coated, just something to throw on the floor.
So these are great, they have shipped to me (in Ohio) in two days always, and the cost of the product and the cost of shipping is more than reasonable. However there is one important consideration that some people looking for the heavier models might want to keep in mind. Like I've said, I have a few of these (35lb, 40lb, and 45lb) and it seems like when they made the cast for these sizes, they simply increased the overall size of the cast until it was the right weight. This almost makes complete sense, until you consider the diameter of the handle. The handle on the 35lb is about what you would expect, and the 40lb is a little larger. The 45lb is so big however, that it is quite difficult to hold. At first I was worried that I wouldn't be able to hold it well enough to get a good workout that wore me down, and that I would be dropping it all the time, possibly on myself. For me, it hasn't been that bad, in fact I enjoy the extra load is places on my forearms, however I have very, very big hands. I mention this only because I worry that someone with average sized or smaller hands might run into trouble with the holding onto the handles on the heavier kettlebells, and won't get the workout they were hoping to because their arms tire out too quickly or they simply can't hold it well enough. Or they drop it all the time. I don't know anything about the smaller than 35 lb ones, maybe someone else has bought those and can provide some feedback with respect to the handle, I imagine the manufacturer MUST have changed those handles or else they would be comically small.
So, great product, especially the 35lb and 40lb, but keep in mind the issue with the handle on the 45lb and possibly the 50lb.
Kettlebells son.
By clark3783 Dec 16, 2015
It's a ball of metal with a handle. Hard to mess up. And they didn't. 5 more words required for this review. Cookie, grass, chicken, couch, window.
Highly Recommend Because...
By DinosaurPineapple Dec 16, 2015
This is one of 3 kettlebells that I own and I highly recommend it because...

#1 HANDLE WIDTH: everyone wants to know the width of the handle, many of the Kettlebells I have used require me to keep my pinkies out of the handle because they simply will not fit, with this handle I do not have that problem, thus I am able to use all of my fingers which is extremely helpful when doing two handed movements like the KB Swing.

#2 HANDLE TEXTURE: many people have said their KB was cutting them up or something... well either the company is getting better at making them or I was a fluke because my KB is perfect, it in no way hurts my hands. I read the reviews thus I expected some kind of imperfection that I'd have to fill in with silly putty, but to my surprise the handle is quite comfortable and I can leave the silly putty for the children.

#3 THE WEIGHT: speaking of the weight, my scale says 50.1 but hey... I am no sissy, so I say "bring it on you extra tenth of a pound!" but seriously the 50 Pound weight works well for my cleans, all my swings and ground to overhead movements, it's also perfect for turkish get-ups, one legged dead-lifts and a few others.

#4 THE PRICE: this is a great KB for the very best price I have found anywhere. I cannot speak more highly of this KB, regardless of the great deal I got, but when you factor that in... it gets a hell of a lot better! It's a great value and a great KB

#5 THE SMELL: yes what others have said is true, it does smell... it smells brand new!! I don't mind that, nor do I think that it is a problem at all for new stuff to smell new.

#6 FINALLY, THE RENEGADE ROW QUESTION: is the bottom level? My answer, "It's Level Enough!" (if you are having trouble doing renegade rows on kettlebells, here's an idea... use hexagonal dumbbells you dumbbell!)

NOW I HAVE A RENEGADE ROW QUESTION FOR YOU: Isn't the whole purpose, for those of you using 2 kettlebells (OF THE SAME WEIGHT) for renegade rows, to make it more challenging both in the depth of the push up and the constant use of your stabilizer muscles?

But seriously the bottom of my bell actually sits perfectly level on the mats and the carpet at the gym; THUS if (for some reason) I bought a second 50 pound KB, then the surfaces I would do renegade rows on would be perfectly stable, BUT BUT BUT to appease those weirdos who keep bashing this bell I will, in the interest of full disclosure, say that when I put the bell on something that is unforgiving like a CEMENT driveway, it would actually wobble slightly, but nothing my manly muscles couldn't handle. (but then again... who does renegade rows on the cement?!)

I hope this honest Review of the product was helpful for you potential KB buyers! GOOD LUCK!

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