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Cast Iron Adjustable Dumbbells

Cast Iron Adjustable Dumbbells


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Price: $42.99

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Quick Overview

Yes4All Cast Iron Adjustable Dumbbells set is designed for high-performance comfort with ergonomic grips, handles & safe heavy duty collars.


Yes4All Cast Iron Adjustable Dumbbells


60 days satisfaction warranty

5 years workmanship warranty


  • VARIETY OF WEIGHTS AVAILABLE: Yes4All offers 40, 50, 52.5, 60, 105, 200-pound Adjustable Dumbbells 
  • CAST IRON WEIGHT PLATES FIT 1-INCH OR 1.15-INCH STANDARD BAR: Holes on weight plates fit standard bars of 1" diameter (Set of 40, 50, 60 lbs) OR 1.15” diameter (Set of 52.5, 105, 200 lbs). Durable cast iron plates covered with black paint finish preventing rust and corrosion for lifetime use
  • 14-INCH OR 16-INCH DIAMOND KNURLED CHROME HANDLE: Constructed of high-quality, textured chrome handle for secure, firm, and non-slip grip
  • STAR-LOCK COLLARS WITH LOOSE-RESISTANT RUBBER BANDS: Threaded ends with star-lock collars provide a safe, secure workout & easy weight plate changes
  • EASY USE & STORAGE: Take seconds to assemble and take out the weight plates. Small, convenient, and easy to store. All-for-one dumbbells eliminate the need for multiple dumbbells in your workout space. Suitable for performing toning body workouts, core fitness, strength exercises and heavy leg lifts



Yes4All Dumbbells features high performing rust resistant SOLID CAST IRON PLATES, ergonomic textured SOLID CHROME HANDLES and secure SPIN-LOCK STAR COLLARS.

Adjustable Dumbbells are easy to use and do not require much storage space, allowing you to vary your daily workout routines with interchangeable weights. You can start from beginning to the next level easily by simply changing the plates to train a single muscle group at a time or different muscle groups simultaneously to develop your strength & muscle gains in arms, shoulders and back.


Set of 40 LBS, 50 LBS, 60 LBS: Holes on weight plates fit standard bar with diameter of 1". Dumbbell handle has 1-inch-diameter. 

Set of 52.5 LBS, 105, 200 LBS: Holes on weight plates fit standard bar with diameter of 1.15". Dumbbell handle has 1.15-inch-diameter. 

  • 40 LBS SET - TWO Handles, FOUR Collars, FOUR 5-lbs Plates, FOUR 3-lbs Plates
  • 50 LBS SET - TWO Handles, FOUR Collars, FOUR 3-lbs Plates, FOUR 7.5-lbs Plates (sometimes, we use 8 lbs instead of 7.5 lbs)
  • 52.50 LBS SET – ONE Handle, TWO Collars, EIGHT 5-lbs Plates, TWO 2.5-lbs Plates, TWO 1.25-lb Plates
  • 60 LBS SET - TWO Handles, FOUR Collars, FOUR 5-lbs Plates, FOUR 8-lbs Plates
  • 105 LBS SET – TWO Handle, FOUR Collars, SIXTEEN 5-lbs Plates, FOUR 2.5-lbs Plates, FOUR 1.25-lb Plates
  • 200 LBS SET - TWO Handles, FOUR Collars, FOUR 2.5-lbs Plates, FOUR 5-lbs Plates, SIXTEEN 10-lbs Plates

WARRANTY: 60-Day Return and 5-Year Warranty on weight plates and parts.


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customer reviews

5 out of 5 stars


Top Customer Reviews

Excellent weights for the serious lifter
By Marianne May 19, 2017
Just received my package this morning. Yes, it will smell like paint and there will be paint chips, but when it's brand new I expected it really. Wiped them down just as someone else recommended on here and problem solved.

One of my packages did however come ripped and I think one of the clamps fell out of the tear because I only received three of the four. I've requested to see if I could get one or if I have to, buy a fourth clamp. I've received everything else though.

I don't think the handle is too rough, but nothing some gloves can't fix if it's too much for you. To be honest, I like it though because it makes for easier gripping.

Definitely wouldn't recommend this for someone not interested in heavy lifting, for those on a budget and those who don't have space for regular dumbbells.
Great Product!!
By Customer May 19, 2017
very good quality and cheaper, i like this it
105 lbs adjustable cast iron dumbbells
By mysskay Mar 23, 2017
I purchased the 105 lbs adjustable cast iron dumbbells. The packaging was torn upon arrival but it didn't destroy the weights, they look fine. All the correct number of plates and end pieces were accounted for. They are easy to use and the plates are solid. The only downside is having to twists the ends off every time you want to change the weight size. Having said that, it was still one of the best deals online for the price. Plus they don't take up too much space.
Very, very pleased with this product. Would recommend.
By fetty Mar 22, 2017
Purchased the 52.5 lbs. They were supposed to come in on the 17th-20th, but they came in 4 days early on the 14th so very excellent!

I read lots of reviews about the smell and paint chipping. First of all, there is a smell, but hardly even noticeable. I have to literally hold my nose next to the weight to really smell it. Secondly, yes, the paint does chip. However, it's hardly noticeable. I've changed the dumbbells out several times and maybe gotten some paint crumbles at the most. And anyways, paint chipping is literally the least of my concerns when it comes to weights, so this is not a problem. In addition, the screw-on component is excellent. I've had occasions in the past where I was using spring collar clips (with hardly any weight, mind you) and the weight would come tumbling down onto my toes. But, the screws on this product are as tight as can be and can hold a large amount of weight, even with hammer curls. The plates do not clank at all and the whole weight feels very, very sturdy.

The only con I see for this product is the long length of the dumbbell handle. It does get in the way sometimes, but I can guarantee that it has yet to negatively affect my workout. Just pay heed not to hit your head with it when you're doing overhead presses and to twist your wrists when you're doing curls. Other than that, this con is hardly even a problem and easy to work around.

Overall, very pleased with this product and better than I could have hoped for such a low price. (Don't be tricked into buying single dumbbells for $200 or something silly like that.) This should satisfy anybody from beginners to even experienced weight lifters. Best of luck to you all!

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