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Adjustable Cast Iron Dumbbells- 105 lbs

Adjustable Cast Iron Dumbbells- 105 lbs

Availability: In stock

Availability: In stock

Price: $99.49

Quick Overview

Yes4All 2x52.5 lbs set is designed for high-performance comfort with ergonomic grips, handles & safe heavy duty collars. It's as competitive as you can image to two of the Bowflex 52.5 lbs.


- 60-DAY Satisfaction warranty

- 5-year workmanship warranty


 Yes4All Adjustable Dumbbells Set of Two 52.5 lbs

Say hello to six-packs and goodbye to the weak muscles

You will get maximum benefits from practicing with Yes4All Dumbbells. Dumbbell workout improves the core strength, movement speed and overall balance. Doing combined exercises like deadlifts, squats, crunches can engage the whole body to work from the chest, abs, back to legs. Especially it can helps to target your abs only with abs-crunch-dumbbell exercise

Or if one of your arms is weaker, you can practice unilateral movements with different weight in each hand to gradually improve one-side imbalance.

Adjustable Dumbbells

This set consists two textured solid chrome handles, four collars (5 lbs.), Sixteen 5 pound plates, Four 2.5 pound plates and Four 1.25 pound plate. Plates are made from High quality Cast Iron; Collars and Handles are threaded for a Secure Fit.

This Gym quality cast iron dumbbell set gives you the convenience of at daily home workout. The dumbbells are adjustable to best fit your fitness level and vary your training for a more advanced progress.

Dumbbells save your time and your space

The dumbbells are easy to assemble and require no tools. Small and convenient dumbbell for easy storage, not bulky dumbbell machine that takes too much space in your room.

You're a beginner ? You want a lighter dumbbell. Okay. We also sell PVC Dumbbell and Neoprene Dumbbell with the best quality and the lowest price.

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Q : Are the Dumbbells 52.5 total between the 2, or 52.5 each dumbbell?

Megan from Akron, oh asked on November 11, 2015

A : Hi Megan, This item is a set of two 52.5 lb dumbbells ( the total weight is 105 lbs ). Yes4All Customer Service Team

Q : I asked a question about buying additional weight plates that will fit these bars. The response said to check this page

David from Hebron, KY asked on August 26, 2015

A : Hi David, The diameter of the handles of the 105 lb dumbbells is about 1.15" and the weight plates of this item only come in sets. We do not sell these parts separately. However, our other adjustable dumbbells have the 1" bars and we do have the additional weight plates that fit these bars. Yes4All Customer Service Team

Q : What's the minimum weight

Jacob from Carmel asked on August 18, 2015

A : Hi Jacob, For the Adjustable Dumbbell, we have 40, 50, 52.5, 60 and 105 lbs. For the Dumbbell 105 lbs, it includes two textured solid chrome handles, four collars (5 lbs.), Sixteen 5 pound plates, Four 2.5 pound plates and Four 1.25 pound plate. You can set the the weight plate to be suitable with your need. Yes4All Customer Service Team

customer reviews

5 out of 5 stars


Top Customer Reviews

Best overall value
By James Sep 16, 2015
Overall, I'm very satisfied with these dumbbells.

This is the best value on new dumbbells that I've found. With shipping, they're less than a dollar a pound which is much less than I've seen brand new in stores. Used dumbbells from a second hand sports store may be cheaper still, if you want to search more. I wanted brand new and didn't feel like driving or making a bunch of phone calls.

I looked at other adjustable dumbbells like Bowflex or Stairmaster but these run $300 or much more. Besides being very expensive, I was worried about the adjustment system that holds the weight not working and allowing weight to fall off. These Yes4all adjustable dumbbells use a threaded handle with a large nut that spins on after the weight is loaded. It takes a little longer to adjust weight but I feel its not hard or much more time consuming and the small amount of time lost is worth the extra security. I feel there is little chance the plates could fall off without warning.

The set comes with rubber rings to help hold the weight. One ring on each end of the handle as well as another in each of the spin-on nuts (4 rings total) to keep the weights from loosening. The spin-on nut moves easily and quickly along the threads without binding. It takes just a couple seconds to spin the nut on or off. And the nuts only need to be snug against the plates, they don't have to be extremely tight. It doesn't take much force to keep the plates from moving.

Because they're adjustable, you effectively have an entire set of dumbbells up to about 50 pounds on each handle. More plates can be purchased so the weight range can easily be increased. I don't know whether other brands could be used with these handles. You'd need to compare the diameter of the threaded portion of the handle with the hole in the plates to make sure they fit.

A storage case would be nice to keep everything together and organized. But even without that, they're space saving because you don't need a big storage rack to hold them. A thick box or heavy duty bag would be enough to transport them.

The issues I had were a small, thin spike of metal poked my hand when I took them out of the package. I think one of the weights slammed into the handle during shipping and broke off a piece of metal. There was also a strong paint smell when the packages were initially opened and some of the paint came off on my hands during handling. These were minor issues to me and not much of an inconvenience.

The weights were well packaged, coming in two separate packages.. Each one had a thick cardboard box containing the handle and a set of plates. The boxes had plastic straps around them keeping them shut along with tape over the edges. These were then packaged inside a standard USPS shipping box with more tape over the edges. The packages were visibly worn but not ripped open or otherwise damaged.

Ordered: Saturday, April 25
Shipped: Wednesday, April 29
Received: Saturday, May 2

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